Website Services

When it comes to websites, I prefer to teach my customers about Content Management Systems (CMS). This empowers my customers to modify their website content directly without any programming knowledge. This leaves me with more time to focus on the initial website design and more complex configurations.

CMS websites typically consist of a database, skin, modules/applications and content. They are dynamically generated from a database, and always include built-in editing capabilities.

The Skin is usually the hardest part, as this contains the layout, look and feel of the site. Skins are great as they allow users to change the appearance of the entire site at the click of a button, and you can apply different skins or layouts to different pages depending on your needs.

When I develop a website, I always start with a CMS site, based on the very popular system called DotNetNuke. Not only is this a great product, but there's a huge amount of skins and modules available for free, or to purchase to plug directly into the site. I can always design a skin from scratch, although this is costly and I much prefer to find a skin and change it as needed.

Modules are standalone applications that perform any number of functions like shopping baskets, blogs, media galleries and forums. These can be installed directly into the site to use as needed. If I cannot locate a module to meet your needs, I am happy to develop a custom module. Check out the DotNetNuke store for some inspirational ideas on what you can achieve.

When the site has been completed, I would be very happy to host it on some of my virtual servers in the cloud. They come with 99% uptime, unlimited traffic and a very fast connection.

Please contact me to discuss your website or hosting needs today.

Hosting service

Included in my hosting service

  • Unlimited traffic
  • 99% uptime
  • SQL Express database (up to 10GB)
  • Point in time database recovery
  • Daily full backups to remote location
  • FTP access

I also offer support arrangements if needed. Please contact me for more information.